Bernie Wolfe and Serena Campbell known affectionately by fans as ‘Berena’ ended months ago. Serena had cheated and Bernie left and despite the hashtag #BerenaDeservedBetter it looked like the end of the road.

Fine that ship is sunk so why oh why months later give us a story that means that Bernie may or may not have just perished in a explosion? if you are intent on killing off a fan favorite then by all means just do it, stop baiting fans with the chance she may be alive.

Serena has had bugger all use since Bernie exited except to play parts in other peoples stories, put Catherine and the character out their misery and get her out of there.

I hope Bernie isn’t dead not only because she is/was a great character but because I don’t want weepy scenes of Serena saying how great she was, You should have thought of that before cheating. I also don’t want the potential death to be all about Serena.

Soaps thrive on drama to keep the stories moving along but that shouldn’t mean that nobody is happy, Catherine said in an interview that there was a lack of representation for lesbians particular of a certain age was ‘invisible so what was so difficult about showing that without going down the route of cheating? thankfully they didn’t do what a lot of soaps do with same sex-sex couples and get them sleeping with a man.

Even with Jemma Redgrave leaving the show there was no excuse to character assassinate Serena and give her what was essentially a pointless cheating storyline that went nowhere.

Wether you are L, G, B or T seeing characters on screen that you can relate is so important for many people but how can you enjoy getting to know a character and follow their story when time and time again it’s ripped apart in such horrible fashion?

We now have Dominic and Lofty who have been married for all of 5 minutes and surprise, surprise we not only get a cheating story but SHOCK HORROR it was with a woman and BAMN! she got pregnant.

When it comes to same-sex couples in soaps do writers instantly put them on a timer once married before having them cheat and give them a baby? (Emmerdale I am looking at you here).

Holby City continues each Tuesday at 8 on BBC One, if it hasn’t been cancelled for something..also if you are looking for characters that happy then this isn’t the show for you.