At home, Victoria is felled by the blow of Lee suddenly demanding compensation plus a full public apology from her and he certainly means business.

Later, Diane and Robert are in turmoil what to do and Victoria is adamant she will never apologise.

Diane tries to convince Victoria paying off Lee is the best option. Before long Lee turns up but he’s not backing down. He wants double the money they’ve offered and the apology.

Can Victoria find a way to shake Lee out of her life for good?

Also coming up

Dan and Jimmy lead a fuming to ‘Take a Vow’ and lock her in prison with Kerry in an attempt to get them to work through their misgivings.

Rhona is called to Home Farm where she spots a chess board and makes the first move.

Bernice is still feeling down especially when Liam insists he’s not planning on attending the Wild West Fundraiser but Bernice manages to convince him, on admitting she’s given him the role of the sheriff!

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