Ste Hay is to Hollyoaks what Phil Mitchell is to EastEnders, no matter how much shit they go through they always end up smelling of roses.

I don’t dislike the actor as Kieron Richardson does a fantastic job but surely there comes a time when a character is nonredeemable?

Ste has been thumping his way around the village since his arrival in 2006

And it hasn’t always Amy on the end of his fist.

From his early days in the show he was a bully, manipulator and abuser. Poor Amy, and yet unless I am mistaken he never got punished for this?

Moving on to the present day and as much as the far-right plot is an important story to tell I can’t help feel this is one plot too far for his character. Unless Ste dies during the course of this story how do you possibly comeback from this? his actions along with partners in crime Jonny and Stuart have got progressively worse.

One of the things I don’t understand is the lack of social services involvement here, he lives in a house with 2 known criminals, recently got arrested after taking part in an illegal march and yet nobody has stepped in to remove his children.

Hollyoaks putting him back in scenes with Harry and try to stir some ‘Starry’ drama isn’t doing the character any favors except to make us dislike him even more. Love or hate the couple Starry had their time and it’s done.. leave it be, please.

Breda is all about looking after the kiddies.. maybe her next target should be Ste?