River City spoilers: Monday 29th July 2019

Yeah, River City is back after a break and this week in Shieldinch… Dougie’s hand is forced when Suzie threatens to expose his adultery and deception to Scarlett; a vengeful Nicole recruits an unlikely ally to take down Alex; and Dylan strives for his mother’s approval.

When it looks like Dougie has chosen a life with Scarlett, Suzie is a woman spurned. She demands her money back, threatening to tell Scarlett everything if Dougie doesn’t pay up. Desperate to conceal his deception, Dougie lies and says he’s been the victim of online fraud and the money is gone, leaving Suzie shell-shocked.

But when Suzie investigates the scam herself she makes a shocking discovery, one that leads to a dangerous altercation and results in her being hospitalised. As Suzie’s friends worry about her recovery, Dougie desperately clings on to the hope that her memory will fail her and his secret will remain safe.

Elsewhere, Nicole smarts seeing Alex and Poppy grow close. Hell-bent on revenge, she turns to Stevie and Lenny, who reject her pleas to help. At the Tall Ship, Nicole accidentally catches Joe and Ruby kiss and spots an opportunity: blackmail.

Dylan clashed with his mum Eve, over his career choices. Eve tells him that while he’s living under her roof, he’ll pursue the medical career she chose for him. However, she soon changes her tune after seeing his unprofessional manner with patients at the Health Centre.

Later, a chance encounter with AJ leads to a catering challenge which stirs up an unexpected new vocation for Dylan.


Dougie is played by Stewart Porter
Suzie by Juliet Cadzow
Scarlett by Sally Howitt
Nicole by Holly Jack
Alex by Jordan Young
Dylan by Sean Connor
Poppy by Lindsey Campbell
Joe by Douglas Rankine
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Eve by Victoria Liddelle
AJ by Sanjeev Kohli.

River City is back on BBC Scotland Monday 29th July 2019 at 10pm

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