This week in Shieldinch… Gabriel’s search for Nicole takes a sinister turn, AJ and Ellie nervously welcome their first foster child and Angus struggles with his growing affections for Kim.

Concerned the police aren’t trying hard enough to find Nicole, Gabriel takes matters into his own hands. Events escalate when Lou discovers Nicole’s torn and bloodied shirt in wasteground.

As concerns grow, Alex is arrested for questioning after it transpires he was seen arguing with Nicole on the night of her disappearance. With the heat on Alex, Nicole comfortably hides away from police glare – her ‘abduction’ an elaborate scam to get Alex jailed again, with help from Lenny and Stevie.

In order to make the charges stick, Lenny tells Nicole she will have to leave the country immediately, but Nicole’s lies begin to unravel when she makes a startling, and life-changing, discovery – she’s pregnant.

Elsewhere, Ellie and AJ excitedly prepare for the arrival of their first foster child, Bex. However, the new addition to their family isn’t going to make life easy for the couple, as teenager Bex proves to be a handful.

It’s a big day for Kim as she gets the results of her secret MRI scan. Angus is by her side when she gets the all clear, and as the friends hug, he can’t help feel weird about their growing closeness. Confused by his emotions, Angus decides the best way to deal with his burgeoning feelings for his best friend’s wife is to push Kim away.


Gabriel by Garry Sweeney
Nicole by Holly Jack
AJ by Sanjeev Kohli
Ellie by Leah MacRae
Bex by Cora Tsang
Angus by Scott Fletcher
Kim by Frances Thorburn
Lou by Lesley Hart
Alex by Jordan young
Lenny by Frank Gallagher
Stevie by Iain Robertson.

This episode airs Monday 5th August 2019 on BBC Scotland at 10pm