19th August

Ben throws a surprise party to welcome Phil home but Phil is less than impressed by his efforts and once everyone leaves, he confronts Ben about his argument with Jay in the hospital.

20th August

As Callum helps Ben with a new lead on finding Louise, Phil continues to search for answers about what happened on the night he was attacked.

22nd August

Mel manages to speak to someone at the prison to check on Hunter but she returns home to find the police waiting for her – Hunter has escaped.

23rd August

Rainie and Max come to blows over their arrangements with Abi and when Ian and Kathy get involved, a huge argument ensues. Fed up, Bobby snaps and reminds them all that Abi should be put first. With Bobby’s words on their mind, they try to come to an agreement. Meanwhile, Stuart shares his concerns with Rainie about her continuing to take the pain killers.