An unknown lady arrives looking for Callum with heartbreaking news, while the Ahmeds’ Eid celebrations get off to a bad start when Habiba, Iqra and Adam struggle to remain civil.

Kat comes clean to Kush about why Stacey and Martin fled, and Stuart attempts to make amends with a reluctant Rainie.

With Linda worried about her smear test results, Mick lies to Mitch and tells him the doctor gave him the all clear.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

AUDREY & MARIA ARE A SHOULDER TO CRY ON FOR EMMA Maria takes Emma to the hospital where the doctor’s break the news that his cancer is terminal. Audrey turns up at the hospital to comfort Emma and Maria leaves. As Emma’s Dad drifts in and out of consciousness, he tells Emma that he always loved her as if she was his own. Emma’s stunned. Having phoned her Mum, a tearful Emma confides in Audrey that her Dad isn’t her real Dad and her Mum’s been lying to her for 20 years. When Emma’s phone rings, she sees it’s her Mum and ignores the call. As the picture of Emma’s Mum flashes up on the screen, Audrey’s shocked to recognise Fiona Middleton.

ROBERT KEEPS HIS GRIP ON VICKY Robert takes Vicky on a shopping trip but is frustrated when they get home and Jed and Tyler arrive. Robert is scathing and Jed punches him knocking him out. As Vicky tends to Robert she tells him if he offers something better she will not go to ireland with Jed.

SARAH STRUGGLES WITH THE NEW FACTORY SET UP Whilst Nick takes Gary up on the offer of £10k from Derek for the land and accepts the £100k estimate it will cost to do up the factory Sarah is still suspicious. Gary employs Ed to oversee the rebuild and gives Seb a job as a labourer. Adam tells Sarah that Derek has been involved a few dodgy business schemes that have gone bust but when she confronts Gary he threatens to pull the plug on the whole deal.

ELSEWHERE Dev returns from India with only Asha and tells Mary she has been an absolute nightmare and he is at his wits end. Steve tells Dev about Evelyn’s gambling sideline. Jo tries to convince Carla to accept her job offer.

2nd Episode

EMMA GETS SOME DEVASTATING NEWS A devastated Emma is told that her ‘dad’ has died. In the Rovers Audrey tells Liz that Emma’s mum is Fiona and that her dad is not her dad. As Liz and Audrey do the maths they realise that Steve could be Emma’s dad!

ROBERT IS PLAYING A DANGEROUS GAME Robert discovers that Vicky is on her way to Weatherfield, will he intercept her in time before she spills the beans to Michelle?

SARAH IS FORCED TO CLIMB DOWN Nick and the factory girls tells Sarah her dislike for Gary is putting all their jobs in danger. She backs down and shakes hands with Nick agreeing to run the factory together and pay the rent to investor Derek.

ELSEWHERE Carla tells Peter she has turned Jo’s job offer down. She tells him she wants her boyfriend back not a carer. Dev falls out with Evelyn and Mary vows to get to the bottom of what is troubling Asha.


Drunk and humiliated about resigning from her job, Jessie is confronted by an accusing Nicola over what happened with Maya. Feeling backed into a corner, Jessie delivers some angry home truths about the children of the village.

Charity is determined to scupper Faith’s plan.

Kim tells Jai she’s determined to review the company’s staffing levels.


A policeman turns up at Jonny and Ste’s house, demanding to know where they were last night during Sami’s attack. Meanwhile, Sami is back from the hospital with no permanent damage.

When Ste confronts Stuart about the attack, Stuart puts the blame on Ste, telling him that he was the one who made the order for action.

Jonny and Stuart set Ste out on another date with Jed.

Joel tries to cheer Goldie up, and agrees to do yoga with her. Whilst messing around, Joel tells her he can’t succumb to temptation, so she kicks him out.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Kath yn beio Sioned am roi ei theulu drwy uffern a gwneud iddi deimlo fel baw isa’r domen. Mae Mark ar ôl y gwerthwr cyffuriau.

Kath blames Sioned for putting her family through hell.