Soap spoilers Friday 16th August 2019


Matty is determined to get revenge, Moira fears she has been caught out, and Faith is grateful for Charity’s offer.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

STEVE’S IN HOT WATER AS TRACY RETURNS Tracy and Amy arrive back from their holiday and Tracy confronts Steve demanding to know why he’s cleared out the joint account and spent £600. Steve is going to the airport to collect Tracy when he sees Emma crying at the bus stop. He offers to take her to the chapel of rest but when she is upset that she can’t afford a nice coffin for her dad Steve secretly slips the undertaker £600.

GEOFF PLAYS HIS OWN GAME Geoff tells Yasmeen that he’s had a letter from the insurance company, the money will be in his account in a day or two and he’ll transfer it to her as soon as he can.

BERNIE’S FEELING FLUSH Gemma returns home desperate for a wee, handing her a bucket Bernie tells her the loo’s broken. Bernie then uses Gemma’s wee to produce a stack of positive pregnancy tests and takes a picture on her phone.

ELSEWHERE Robert lies to Michelle telling her that he’s needed at a young offenders’ unit in Stoke and will be away for a few days. As Kate bangs on about her travel plans and Daniel enthuses about Bertie, Bethany realises how empty her own life is. Ken hosts his bridge club in the Rovers, but things don’t go quite go to plan.

2nd Episode

STEVE HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO Steve spins a yarn to Tracy about having to help with the funeral of a family friend. Emma is grateful to Steve for helping her, oblivious to the fact he may be her dad but he still wants to know the truth so starts researching DNA tests.

GEOFF’S TRUMPED BY YASMEEN As the bridge night descends into chaos and allegations of cheating Geoff takes it out on Yasmeen and back at home accuses her of undermining him.

BERNIE TAKES THE PEE Gemma introduces Michael to Bernie and explains that he’s come to fix the loo. Having ushered Gemma off to work, Bernie admits to Michael that she blocked the loo on purpose to allow her to harvest Gemma’s wee and sell positive pregnancy tests on the internet, Michael is gobsmacked. Michael advises Bernie that if she wants to make serious money she should buy the pregnancy kits in bulk and sell them on a legitimate site. He agrees to go into business with her for 25% of the profits.

ELSEWHERE Robert tries to sort things out with Vicky and agrees to stay the night.


Stuart is alarmed to find Mick struggling to breathe and collapsed on the floor, while Max confronts Bobby for questioning him about Lucy. Sheree continues to make herself at home at the salon and suggests entering a hairdressing competition, much to Denise’s annoyance.


Jack is fishing in the folly, and to Goldie’s horror, he pulls up a dead body…

Goldie leaves a half-naked sleeping Joel at her house as she goes to work. Breda arrives whilst Joel is still sleeping…

Maxine is back from her honeymoon, and Sienna drags her to speak to Damon and tell him the truth.

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