Episode 1

Zak tries to hide his emotions, Marlon covers his troubles, and Kerry urges Amy to move forward.

Episode 2

Bear is stunned when Faith reveals his secret, Nate confronts Amy and Kerry, and Cain is surprised by Matty’s attitude after they have an argument.


Sonia anxiously waits to hear news of Bex’s A-level results and Stuart makes a desperate plea to win Mick back as a friend, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Jean goes for an update on her chemotherapy treatment but as she waits for her appointment, Daniel immediately irritates her.

Whitney checks on Callum

After an unsettling conversation with Iqra, Honey tells Will and Janet to pack their things, while Iqra apologises for lying to Mariam and Arshad.

As Mick struggles to breathe, Stuart comes in and makes a desperate plea to win Mick back as a friend but with Mick not engaging, Stuart leaves. Soon after, Mick collapses.


Breda confronts Mercedes.

Jack tells Darren and Mandy about the wedding.

Breda hides in a toilet stall as a devastated Jack begs her to come out.

Liam and Mercedes are making out hiding behind a van.

Fair City

Hayley, defending Lee, only makes his situation worse. Meanwhile, Dearbhla tests the patience of her friends. Fiona hatches a plan to get closer to Paul, as Erica fears Darragh is trying to pull away from her.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae galwad ffôn bwysig yn synnu Mark. Mae rhywbeth yn chwarae ar feddwl Guto.

Mark receives an important phone call that shocks him.

Something is playing on Guto’s mind.