Sam and Lydia have exciting news, Amy is thrilled to get another chance, Marlon makes amends, and Zak finally starts talking to Faith about their shared history.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

ROBERT FINALLY ENGAGES WITH VICKY As Robert is heading out Michelle asks him to take her engagement ring to be resized. When Tyler calls Robert to say they are leaving Robert heads straight over. An angry Vicky tells him to leave and refuses to be his dirty secret any longer. But as he leaves she finds something which changes her mind.

EMMA WANTS TO LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE Emma tells Audrey she has no desire to trace her real dad as she loved the man she thought was her dad and wants to respect his memory. Meanwhile she tells Steve that her mum lives abroad but was originally from Weatherfield and is called Fiona Middleton. Liz tells a stunned Steve that he probably has another daughter!

ASHA STRUGGLES WITH HER SELF-IMAGE Mary tries to bring Asha out of her shell. But what is the teenager hiding?

ELSEWHERE Geoff is annoyed that Yasmeen is going for lunch with Cathy. Chesney and Gemma are furious when a parking fine arrives for Bernie.

2nd Episode

ROBERT’S DOUBLE LIFE GETS A WHOLE LOT MORE COMPLICATED Robert finds himself in a very tricky situation with Michelle and Vicky.

EMMA’S NEWS IS A CAUSE FOR CONCERN Audrey is angry to discover Liz has been gossiping about Emma’s dad. Steve confides in Tim that he might be Emma’s dad.

ASHA’S TAKING EXTREME MEASURES Asha returns home and assures Dev she’s had a lovely day. When she drops her bag and the contents spill out, she quickly scoops up a tub of skin-lightening cream hoping he hasn’t spotted it.

ELSEWHERE With profits up Dev pleads with Evelyn to return. When Yasmeen reveals she’s joining Ken’s bridge club and will be partnering Brian, Geoff makes out bridge is his favourite game and he’ll partner her instead. Rattling a fake charity tin, Bernie makes out she’s collecting for sick children. However when Jenny demands to see her ID, she admits she’s collecting to pay her parking fine.


On Stuarts memory stick, there is a floor plan to a community center on it…

Cleo tells Joel that the time has come for him to make a decision about Goldie.

Mercedes attempts to cover up what happened with Liam when confronted by Nana McQueen.

Sylver and Bobby are back after their trip to Blackpool.

Fair City

Despite Carol’s warnings, Lee discovers the hard way just how dangerous a situation he’s in.

As Erica grows impatient with a preoccupied Darragh, Aidan sets his sights on Hayley.

Melanie stokes things when Paul and Fiona have very different holiday plans.

It’s Dearbhla’s big day as she waits for news about getting back to Canada.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Hywel yn chwilfrydig pan wêl wyneb cyfarwydd yn y cwm. Sut fydd Ffion yn ymateb i’r hyn ddywedodd Hywel wrthi neithiwr?

Hywel is intrigued when a familiar face returns to the village.