Rotten to the core!

There is dry rot at the Woolpack and Charity tells a stressed out Paddy that he, Chas and Bear will have to move out while work is done. It is not good for business shutting the pub so Charity starts making alternative plans.

Hay! what is going on?

A troubled Moira’s resistance is weakening with Nate and we sense it’s only a matter of time before Moira gives in to him. Soon, Moira’s uneasy to see Nate’s enjoying winding Cain up and in order to demonstrate marital harmony in front of Nate arranges a rendezvous date night with Cain.

But when Nate sees her getting ready for her date with Cain, the chemistry and tension crackles, so before long when Nate pulls Moira in for a kiss, she doesn’t pull away, instead she passionately submits to the moment. Cain arrives and Nate hides. But when Cain goes, Moira makes it clear that nothing can happen again between them. And soon Moira is deliberately refocusing her passions towards husband Cain but there is a distinct sense it’s Nate who’s stoked her fire.

The next day, when Cain goes off for drinks with others, Moira is uneasy at having the house to herself. And soon, unable to resist, Moira again gives into Nate’s temptations in another mad impulsive moment as they sink into the hay of Butlers Barn….

Where there’s a will?

Harriet is glad when Will arrives back at the village. But Will’s happiness at reuniting with daughter Dawn is short lived, as Cain sacks him from the garage.

Later, Dawn senses there’s something still there between Will and Harriet. And she is soon cooking up plans to reunite them.

When she offers to cook dinner for Will. Meanwhile, Harriet tries to persuade Cain to give Will his job back. And soon Will and Harriet share a passionate kiss and things are starting to look rosey.

What is up with Jacob?

Jacob prepares to receive his exam results, David & Leyla pray he’s done enough. But, later after his disappointing results, David, Leyla & Pollard try to buoy up Jacob while he keeps his future plans with Maya to himself.

A sympathetic Priya invites Jacob to join her for lunch and is dumbfounded by his behaviour.

Also this week

Bear’s ego is bruised over not being able to read as he asks Paddy to read aloud a letter from his mother. Paddy panics when he lies about the contents realising that Bear will soon be able to read it for himself.

Graham is on the trail, who could be his secret chess competitor?

Tracy & Vanessa finalize Frank’s funeral plans, the tension between them is still palpable.