Callum struggles to focus at work and has a confrontation with Whitney, who demands to know what is going on.

Mariam and Arshad scold Iqra for not being honest with them.

With Ian struggling to process Bobby’s news, Kathy gives him a stern reality check, leading Ian to suggest him and Bobby sit down and talk over dinner.


Episode 1

Ellis is shocked when a potential client is a mysterious figure from his past.

At April’s birthday party, Ellis tries to tell Jessie about his earlier meeting, but they’re suddenly interrupted when they hear a car horn and he storms outside. Jessie reveals to Marlon the mysterious man is Al, Ellis’ Dad but why has he turned up and will anyone be pleased to see him?

Ryan tries to make Charity see sense, and Doug conceals his secret from Brenda.

Episode 2

Sam and Lydia are shocked by Samson’s angry reaction to Lydia’s past can they win him round?

Debbie leaves for Scotland but can Charity bring herself to say goodbye?

Laurel is uneasy about lying to Nicola.


Ste admits to Jonny that he has something to tell them about Jed.

Cindy has a drink with Mercedes, and Cindy tells her that she’s jealous of her wonderful devoted husband Sylver, but Mercedes isn’t too sure.

Mercedes decides to spend time with Liam whilst Sylver and Bobby are away. Nana spots Liam’s leopard print undies on the floor, and hears Mercedes and Liam in the bedroom…

Goldie flirts with a fit guy she spotted in the village.

Fair City

A furious Carol presses Lee to repay her, but is stunned to discover Lee is also in debt to Aidan.

Cristiano regrets conspiring with Phoebe when he realizes it has caused a rift between Phoebe and Will.

Pete comes up against determined opposition in his quest to be elected PRO.

Eoghan gets creative on his tourist trail.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Gwyneth yn datguddio cyfrinach annisgwyl, a wnaiff hi gadw’n dawel? Mae Jim yn achosi damwain ym Mhenrhewl.

Gwyneth unearths an unexpected secret – will she keep it to herself?