Serial Killer Breda Mcqueen (Moya Brady) has been busy slaying her way around Chester but Killer Mcqueen could be about to get exposed Poirot style next week.

When people go fishing they hook all sorts, an old boot is common. So imagine Jack Osborne’s (Jimmy McKenna) horror when fishing in the folly and pulls up a body.

Let’s face it the amount that gets thrown in that water this is a long time coming. But just who is it? We know Breda was forced to move Louis Loveday from the safety of her pig farm and and more recently she disposed of Harry Thompson after stabbing him to death.

Or is this ANOTHER victim? next week sees Breda arrive at the house when Joel is sleeping and the summer trailer does show her attack someone.

Breda is left freaking out when Jack tells her the police will be able to extract finger prints and find the killer.

Later in Poirot style Jack gathers everybody at The Dog to help discover who the serial killer is and Breda decides to say a few words of her own in which she starts going on about how everyone should be brave and to protect the men.

As the week draws to a close Darren Osborne could find himself back on the hitlist when Breda tells Mandy that Darren is a terrible dad.

Hollyoaks air these scenes next week on Channel 4 with a first look on E4