19th August

Goldie is forced to lie to her mum about her relationship with Joel. Maxine has some distressing news for Damon, while Liam tries to fix things with Bobby. And there’s a shocking discovery in the village.

20th August

The village is totally shaken by the disturbing discovery. The walls are closing in on Breda, but will she manage to talk her way out of it? Damon has a grand idea to show Maxine how special she is.

21st August

Breda is at a crossroads as she begs for God to give her a sign. Jack has gathered everyone at The Dog to try to establish who the serial killer is. Maxine breaks down to Sienna, while Damon splashes the cash.

22nd August

Maxine is over the moon for her big day, but will Sienna manage to convince her to tell the truth? Liam gives Mercedes a big ultimatum, and Jack helps a grieving villager.

23rd August

Damon faces the repercussions of Maxine’s big day. Breda has a lot of explaining to do. Mercedes feels like she’s failed as a mum, while Diane gets a call from her son Finn.