In Carrigstown this week

18th August

Darragh tells Erica he needs some time out. Hayley has a plan to get Darragh and Erica back together. A mystery biker throws a brick through the Collins’ window. Carol offers her help. Hayley tells Anto and Sharon about Aidan. Sharon and Anto are furious with Lee. Erica can’t get the truth out of Darragh. Sharon tells her family of her plan to pay back Aidan. Dean tells Dearbhla that Sean still has feelings for her but Dearbhla is feeling suffocated.

20th August

Sharon prepares to meet Aidan. Sharon tells Erica the truth. When Aidan turns the tables on Sharon, she demands to meet his boss. Erica and Darragh kiss and make up. Sharon is shocked when the boss turns out to be a ghost from her past. Paul senses Ruth isn’t herself but Fiona puts him off the scent. Paul and Ruth hide their real feelings as Paul caves in about boarding school. Nora and Carol clash over how to deal with the Collins family.

21st August

Sharon tells her family to give up the idea of buying the house. Cristiano gets called away to help a friend in Madrid. Will’s attempt to paint Damien as a cheat backfires with Mairead. Will is shocked when Mairead insists on getting a separation agreement.

22nd August

Phoebe is daunted when Aaron suggests she stay over when his parents are away. Will reels in anger from the contents of a solicitor’s letter. Mondo is fed up with Hayley’s treatment but Lee comes up with a novel way for both Hayley and Mondo to get what they want. Eoghan convinces Orla to give him guaranteed hours. When there’s an unhappy customer on the tour, Orla lets a crestfallen Eoghan go.

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