1st Episode

Jacob prepares to receive his exam results.

Kim makes secret plans.

Jai takes his frustrations out on Laurel.

It is not good for business shutting the pub so Charity starts making alternative plans..

2nd Episode

A sympathetic Priya invites Jacob to join her for lunch and is dumbfounded by his behaviour and shocked by an accusation.

Tracy is in denial.

Moira hides her rising panic.


The inquest into Dinah’s death brings everything back for Bailey, so Mitch and Karen try to do something special for the downhearted youngster.

Kathy and Jean support Tiffany as she opens her GCSE results.

Max is annoyed with Rainie when she keeps him from seeing Abi.

Mel asks someone at the prison to check on Hunter, only to get a massive shock.


Damon faces the repercussions of Maxine’s big day.

Breda has a lot of explaining to do.

Mercedes feels like she’s failed as a mum.

Diane gets a call from her son Finn.

Fair City

Phoebe is daunted when Aaron suggests she stay over when his parents are away. Will reels in anger from the contents of a solicitor’s letter. Mondo is fed up with Hayley’s treatment but Lee comes up with a novel way for both Hayley and Mondo to get what they want. Eoghan convinces Orla to give him guaranteed hours. When there’s an unhappy customer on the tour, Orla lets a crestfallen Eoghan go.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Dylan yn ceisio temptio Sioned ar ddêt, ond a fydd hi’n derbyn? Mae Sara’n rhannu cyfrinachau ei phriodas gyda Kelly.

Sara shares the secrets of her marriage with Kelly.