Soap spoilers Friday 23rd August 2019


Tracy and Vanessa are at odds

Graham makes a discovery.

Charity is over the moon about an offer.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

STEVE PUTS HIS FOOT IN IT Blaming Audrey for keeping her in the dark Emma announces she is leaving Weatherfield and packs her bags. Despite everyone, including Amy, persuading her to stay she sadly says goodbye to Maria, Gemma and Chesney. Amy tells Steve and Tracy they have to sort it out as she is part of the family.

MAX GIVES LILY AN UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY Shona and Billy prepare for Lily’s birthday party. Max is playing up and pretending to take his ADHD medicine he pockets the tablets. When Nick arrives with Lily’s present Max kicks off and Shona has to ask everyone to leave.

TIM DEALS OUT SOME TOUGH LOVE Tim calls at No.11 and tells Eileen to pull herself together as she’s needed back on the Street Cars’ switch. Eileen’s touched and heads upstairs for a shower.

ELSEWHERE Bethany tells Daniel that she’s decided she’s going to write up her experience with Nathan as it might help other girls to avoid falling into the same trap. Daniel’s impressed. With Roy run off his feet, Aggie offers up her services. Roy agrees to give her a trial.

2nd Episode

CAN EMMA BE PERSUADED TO RETURN? Amy and Tracy set off to try and find Emma, Amy begs Chesney, Gemma and Maria to tell her where she has gone. Tracy and Amy find an upset Emma on the station platform – will they be able to convince her to stay?

SHONA TACKLES A TROUBLED TEEN TEARAWAY Shona is furious at Max for ruining Lily’s party. She admits to Audrey and Sarah that he has been like this for weeks and she is at the end of her tether. Checking his medicine box she finds it empty but Max produces a packet from his pocket and insists he is taking them.

EILEEN SWEARS OFF MEN FOR GOOD Having taken Tim’s advice, Eileen returns to work and announces she’s giving up men as it always ends in disaster, Tim’s sceptical.

ELSEWHERE Ed and Aggie are reunited much to the delight of their sons.


Mel demands an explanation from the police about how Hunter escaped and insists they find her son safely.

Stuart shares his concerns with Rainie about her continuing to take the pain killers.

Rainie and Max come to blows over their arrangements with Abi.


Tony is determined to find his son Harry, while Diane has a huge decision to make about Finn.

Mercedes is heartbroken as Bobby continues to give her the cold shoulder.

Sylver is helping Grace with her physiotherapy.

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