Pobol Y Cwm Spoilers: 26th August – 29th August 2019

This Week on Pobol Y Cwm


Mewn ymgais i gael gwared o felltith Anti Nel, mae Mathew yn symud ei darlun hi i gartref newydd.

Caiff Debbie ofn pan mae’n sylwi fod rhywun yn cadw llygad barcud ar ei theulu.

Mae Jaclyn yn gwirioni pan mae Dylan yn rhoi anrheg pen-blwydd hwyr iddi.

Ceisia Brenda a Jim ddod at wraidd y rheswm am ei dymer gwael diweddar.

Mae Kath yn amau Mark pan daw o hyd i becyn amheus wedi’i guddio yn y soffa.

Caiff Garry ei demtio i brynu’r Salon.

Teimla Jason yn ddibwys pan mae Sara’n derbyn blodau gan Dylan. Mae Aled, o’r chweched dosbarth, yn agor ei galon i Tyler am ei drafferthion adref.


In an attempt to get rid of Anti Nel’s curse, Matthew moves her painting to a new home.

Debbie’s fearful when she realises someone’s keeping a close eye on her family.

Jaclyn’s delighted when Dylan gives her a late birthday present.

Brenda and Jim try to get to the root of his recent mood swings.

Kath is sceptical of Mark when she finds a suspicious package hidden in the sofa.

Garry’s tempted to buy the Salon.

Jason feels undermined when Dylan sends Sara a bouquet of flowers.

Aled, a sixth form student, opens up about his troubled family life to Tyler.

Pobol y Cwm airs Monday and Wednesday at 8pm with a double bill on Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on S4C English and Welsh subtitles catch up with Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles and also available via Iplayer.

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