Peaky Blinders spoilers: Series 5 Episode Three

As the charismatic Mosley (Sam Claflin) shows his hand, Tommy (Cillian Murphy) prepares to make a treacherous new alliance.

And Arthur’s demons come to the surface.

Tommy gathers everyone together to discuss recent tragic events and to give his orders, before the Shelby men travel to London to meet Mosley and it’s soon revealed who has the upper hand.

Linda heads to Arrow House to ask Lizzie’s advice, Polly visits Aberama to pass on instructions from Tommy, who learns that one of the Peaky Blinders is in danger and sends Arthur and Johnny Dogs on an urgent mission to intervene.


Thomas Shelby – Cillian Murphy
Aunt Polly – Helen McCrory
Arthur Shelby – Paul Anderson
Ada Shelby – Sophie Rundle
Michael Gray – Finn Cole
Grace – Annabelle Wallis
Jessie Eden – Charlie Murphy
Lizzie Shelby – Natasha O’Keeffe
Linda Shelby – Kate Phillips
Gina Gray – Anya Taylor-Joy
Charlie Strong – Ned Dennehy
Johnny Dogs – Packy Lee
Curly – Ian Peck
Jeremiah Jesus – Benjamin Zephaniah
Mother Superior – Kate Dickie
Col Ben Younger – Kingsley Ben-Adir
Jimmy McCavern – Brian Gleeson
Aberama Gold – Aidan Gillen
Oswald Mosley – Sam Claflin
Finn Shelby – Harry Kirton
Isiah – Daryl McCormack
Sandra – Alison Todd
Quaker friend – Robbie Keane
Billy Boys’ leader – Douglas Rankine


Producer – Ann Harrison-Baxter
Writer – Steven Knight
Director Anthony Byrne
Executive Producer – Cillian Murphy
Executive Producer – Steven Knight
Executive Producer – Tommy Bulfin
Executive Producer – Patrick Spence
Executive Producer – David Mason
Executive Producer – Jamie Glazebrook
Executive Producer – Caryn Mandabach

Peaky Blinders continues Sunday 1st September 2019 on BBC One at 9pm

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