Tommy (Cillian Murphy) agrees to dangerous new partnerships when a golden opportunity presents itself.

A Shelby party promises fireworks.

Tommy waits by the water at Charlie’s Yard to meet a dangerous adversary, but despite their past grievances the pair agree to a truce. Tommy receives a message from a mysterious stranger during his constituency surgery, while at his Westminster office, the MP makes Aberama a very tempting offer, and later invites Mosley to a party he is throwing for Lizzie’s birthday. On the night of the event, things soon take a turn for the worse when a surprise guest arrives.

Cast (Radio Times)

Thomas Shelby Cillian Murphy
Aunt Polly Helen McCrory
Arthur Shelby Paul Anderson
Ada Shelby Sophie Rundle
Michael Gray Finn Cole
Grace Annabelle Wallis
Lizzie Shelby Natasha O’Keeffe
Linda Shelby Kate Phillips
Gina Gray Anya Taylor-Joy
Col Ben Younger Kingsley Ben-Adir
Charlie Strong Ned Dennehy
Brilliant Chang Andrew Koji
Jimmy McCavern Brian Gleeson
Winston Churchill Neil Maskell
Aberama Gold Aidan Gillen
Oswald Mosley Sam Claflin
Isiah Daryl McCormack
Billy Grade Emmett J Scanlan
Finn Shelby Harry Kirton
Mrs Conners Gemma Paige North
Li Gana Bayarsaikhan
Micky Gibbs Peter Campion
The Swan Brenda Lee Grech
Siegfried Jacob Wye

Crew (Radio Times)

Director Anthony Byrne
Executive Producer Cillian Murphy
Executive Producer Steven Knight
Executive Producer Jamie Glazebrook
Executive Producer Caryn Mandabach
Executive Producer Tommy Bulfin
Executive Producer Patrick Spence
Executive Producer David Mason
Producer Ann Harrison-Baxter
Writer Steven Knight

Peaky Blinders airs Sunday 8th September 2019 on BBC One at 9pm