Cain demands an explanation, Billy starts to feel pushed out, and Kerry seeks an escape.


Ben corners Mel and after revealing he saw her by the flat Hunter is hiding in, she relents and gives him what he wants. Jack piles the pressure on Adam to ensure the mortgage goes through quickly, and when Honey admits it might take longer than planned, Jack doesn’t back down.

Concerned for Mick, Linda books him a doctor’s appointment despite his reluctance.


Tony thinks he’s discovered who is responsible for his son’s disappearance. Brooke is frantic after being left alone with DJ, but Darren and Mandy are delighted when Ollie asks to spend more time with DJ.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Jaclyn yn gwirioni pan mae Dylan yn rhoi anrheg penblwydd hwyr iddi. Ceisia Brenda a Jim ddod at wraidd ei dymer gwael diweddar.

Brenda and Jim try to get to the root of his recent mood.