With Ryan Hawley leaving his role later this year as fan favourite Robert Sugden it was hardly going to be a quiet exit for a character of his stature.

With Robert facing the very real threat of prison, his whole world could be about to get turned upside down as he heads to court next week.

Even Robert’s solicitor tells him to plead guilty but he makes it very clear he won’t.

Robert is irritable as he reads through his case and not even his husband Aaron (Danny Miller) can reassure him about his plea hearing.

Robert isn’t the only one with things on their mind as Victoria’s conscience eats away at her, she knows Robert’s attack wasn’t self-defence.

Victoria attempts to ease her guilt by confessing to Marlon that she has lied to the police and that lying in court will make her no better than Lee.

If Victoria can’t testify in court how will Robert react?

As the family gather in the court, is it all over for Robert?

Emmerdale air these scenes next week on ITV