Robert worries when Cain says he won’t lie to Aaron about Robert’s possible prison sentence.

In the Cafe, shocked, Robert, Paddy, Al, Graham and Cain rush to Liv as she has a seizure. While struggling to process what’s happening to Liv, Robert is rooted to the spot.

Nervous Doug enjoys a joint outside the village hall. When others smell it, Charity falsely accuses Dawn of being the cause.

Tracy begins to ask questions.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

ROBERT HAS A SPECTRE AT THE FEAST Robert is flustered when CCTV from the street he said his van was on show he wasn’t there. Claiming he had got muddled he thinks he is off the hook until Jed turns up at the Bistro and makes it clear he is willing to tell Michelle everything.

SEB IS SHOCKED BY EILEEN’S NEWS Eileen confides in Seb that Jan was working undercover for the police and he’s asked her to move to away with him. Seb’s shocked.

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR HOPE As Tyrone prepares for Fiz and Hope’s return, it’s clear Evelyn doesn’t share his enthusiasm. Tyrone realises with horror that he’s forgotten to enrol Hope at Bessie Street for the new school year.

ELSEWHERE Gary goes over the factory plans with Sarah. When Adam quizzes him about his altercation with Derek, Gary plays it down and Adam remains suspicious. As Yasmeen and Alya head home, they bump into Geoff. Yasmeen asks after his health and explains to Alya that Geoff’s been suffering from heart palpitations. Alya assures Geoff that he means an awful lot to Yasmeen and implores him not to give up on her. Geoff’s secretly chuffed.

2nd Episode

ROBERT TAKES THE SAFE ROUTE AND PAYS JED As Jed blackmails Robert demanding £5k Robert realises he needs to give in and offers him £2k saying it is all he has and Jed gives him the ring back but insist Roberts has to get Tyler to agree to move to Ireland. Robert tells Caig he has found the ring after all but when Michelle demands to know where the £2k has gone from the safe he says he spent it on a new ring.

SEB BLURTS OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT JAN In a bid to make Alina stay Seb tells her what he knows about Jan but she says she has to go and a tearful Seb has to say farewell. Eileen and Seb return to number 11 unaware that Rachel is watching them from across the road.

EVELYN TAKES MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS Whilst Tyrone panics about Hope’s lack of school place, Evelyn suggests he should talk to Brian and see if can pull any strings with his old contacts. Brian advises Tyrone and Evelyn that unfortunately Hope is too late for a place at Bessie Street, but she’ll be allocated a place at another school. When Evelyn reveals that she’s sorted Hope’s school place, Tyrone’s dubious.

ELSEWHERE Geoff gives Yasmeen a list of his ailments and lets her think he could have cancer.


Cindy comforts Ollie when she sees that he is upset.

Meanwhile, Tony and Diane get into a huge fight and he storms out.

Tony holds a barbecue in an attempt to find Harry, and then receives a mysterious text.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Kath yn amau Mark pan daw o hyd i becyn amheus wedi’i guddio yn y soffa. Caiff Garry ei demtio i brynu’r Salon.

Kath is sceptical of Mark when she finds a suspicious package in the sofa.

Fair City

Will tries to tell Damien about the kiss, but Mairead outsmarts him and secures a promise of an amicable separation. Hayley sells Comet to Mondo but Sharon baulks at buying the house. Tessa enlists Orla to help persuade Eoghan to take his dream job. Melanie helps Phoebe and Aaron kiss and make up.