Episode 1

Ellis is frustrated with Billy’s stance, Will offers some reassurance, and Amy is hopeful of more time with Kyle.

Episode 2

Moira handles a tricky situation, Aaron tries to get some answers, and Nicola agrees to take action.


Mick feels the pressure to ensure everything is perfect on the day of Whitney and Callum’s hen and stag parties. When Stuart learns Ben is coming, his mood shifts and he sneaks off.

Mel’s determined to flee with Hunter and things get worse when Billy reveals the other prisoners have been caught.

A drunk Callum struggles with all the pressure and lashes out at Ben.

Tiffany’s interest is piqued when Sonia admits she is planning a big surprise, while Jack weighs up the idea of returning to the police force after speaking to Muski.

Iqra comes out to her grandparents with the support of girlfriend Ash and despite their positive reaction, Mariam’s attitude later concerns Iqra.

Whitney’s thrilled when Callum gate crashes the party but when he asks to speak to her alone, her concerns grow.


Cindy is conflicted and needs to talk to Mandy. Everyone is surprised to see a familiar face walk into The Hutch. Brody brings together Sienna and Liberty, while Peri prepares for university.

Fair City

Mairead forces Will to come clean, but he manipulates Phoebe into thinking Mairead made a pass at him. When Bela gets sad news about Charlie, Tessa, Dolores and Pete rally to support Cass. Hayley helps Anto and Sharon secure the house but Sharon starts to get cold feet. Ruth and Paul both baulk at boarding school, but Fiona makes sure they stick to the plan.

Pobol y Cwm

Teimla Jason yn ddibwys pan mae Sara’n derbyn blodau gan Dylan. Mae Aled yn agor ei galon i Tyler am ei drafferthion adref.

Jason feels undermined when Dylan sends Sara a bouquet of flowers.