Soap spoilers Friday 30th August 2019


Jessie struggles to stay positive.

Moira is hit by a pang of jealousy.

Jacob offers his support.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

SEB AND EILEEN ARE IN DANGER As Eileen and Seb head out of No.11, Seb clocks a strange car parked across the street. Have they put themselves in danger? Jan reveals his intention to lie low in Birmingham until after the court case and urges Eileen to come with him. Eileen’s torn. Seb warns Eileen about the strange car and how he suspects they’re being watched. Eileen meets up with Jan at a truck stop and deeply upset, explains that she can’t move away with him

TYRONE THINKS EVELYN PROTESTS TOO MUCH Tyrone tells Evelyn that with Fiz due home, he’s booked a meeting with the Head of Bessie Street to plead Hope’s case and hope she can find her a place. As Tyrone and Brian sit down with the Head, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Evelyn who announces she’s come to offer moral support. When the Head politely but firmly explains that there’s no room for Hope at Bessie Street, Evelyn barricades herself, Tyrone and Brian into the office and stages a protest. Fiz arrives and is shocked at what she finds.

ROBERT’S CAUGHT IN ANOTHER DILEMMA Jed’s furious to overhear Robert telling Tyler that he hopes he’ll stick around and help with the new baby.

ELSEWHERE When Geoff turns up for work at Speed Daal, Yasmeen refuses to let him lift a finger. Geoff basks in the attention. When Ali invites her to a charity ball, Maria’s thrilled and asserts she’ll need a new dress. Asha refuses to share a room with Aadi.

2nd Episode

FIZ’S RETURN IS HOPELESS The police and a reporter turn up at the school as Tyrone pleads with Eveyln to see sense. Brian grabs the key and lets them all out but Evelyn is unrepentant. Furious at Tyrone for missing the deadline she tells him that Hope would be better off back in Birmingham.

ROBERT MAKES A STAND FOR TYLER Robert turns the tables on Jed and says he has CCTV of him trying to blackmail him and if he doesn’t leave he will get the police involved. Tyler is upset his dad has gone without saying goodbye.

ELSEWHERE Tim’s bemused to find Yasmeen at No.4, holding Geoff’s hand and offering words of comfort. Realising Tim is in the dark, Yasmeen urges Geoff to tell him about his illness. Dev steals himself and breaks the news to Mary that she’ll have to move out as the kids want their own rooms. Mary’s understanding but deeply upset.


Mel makes the final preparations to leave Walford and as she covers her tracks at work, her behaviour makes Sharon suspicious.

After one too many drinks, Mick takes Linda home and Stuart reassures him regarding Callum’s whereabouts.

As Robbie hopelessly flirts with Ash, Iqra kisses her in front of everyone.

After recent revelations Whitney confronts Ben.


Luke is back in the village and has big plans now that he’s a free man. Should Darren be worried?

Cindy is struggling to keep Ollie’s secret.

The pressure is building on Liberty to fulfil her promise to Sienna and Brody.

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