The day of Whitney and Callum’s wedding arrives, but with tensions high after Callum’s revelation that he had a fling with Ben, Whitney struggles to put her fears aside.

Callum does his best to convince Whitney that he wants to marry her, but will she believe him?

Across the Square, Sonia panics when her surprise for Whitney – Bianca – is nowhere to be found.

Phil is curious to hear from Ian that Lisa is back in the Square.

With some help from Callum, Whitney is reunited with Bianca and they arrive at the venue just in time for the wedding. When Whitney sees Ben there, she struggles to keep calm leading to a confrontation.


Tracy is grateful for Pete’s support.

Liv plays down her worries.

Jamie offers Leyla a helping hand.

Kerry arrives at the farm to have words with Nate but she is shocked when she arrives to see him and Moira kissing passionately. Will Kerry confront Nate and Moira and will she tell her daughter the truth about what she has witnessed?

Misunderstanding a conversation between Nate and Tracy, a fuming Amy accuses Nate of betraying her trust, but a spiky Nate truthly insists it was the other way round and that he was covering for her.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

HOPE TAKES MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS As Fiz and Tyrone row, Hope slips out unnoticed. Horrified Fiz calls the police while Tyrone rounds up a search party. Inside the factory Hope hides behind some cardboard boxes. As Ali and Maria set off for a charity ball, they hear Hope’s cries for help coming from the factory and are horrified to see her surrounded by burning boxes. Ali forces his way in through the smoke intent on rescuing her.

GEOFF’S CAUGHT IN A WEB OF LIES When Yasmeen presses Geoff for his medical results he infers that he hasn’t long to live. Yasmeen’s devastated and despite Geoff saying no one else must know she confides in Sally that Geoff has terminal cancer. Sally and Tim tell Geoff they want to help.

EILEEN’S A WOMAN WITH A PLAN When Eileen tells Seb that she intends to run away with Jan he does his best to change her mind but Eileen admits they’ve accepted a witness protection scheme. Seb worries when he sees a strange van parked nearby with Polish voices coming from inside.

ELSEWHERE It’s Craig’s 21st birthday. Steve offers to help Emma pack up her Dad’s things, she’s touched.

2nd Episode

TYRONE THINKS WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE As Ali emerges from the smoke filled loading bay carrying Hope, Fiz and Tyrone are overcome with relief. Promising Maria he’ll meet her in the Rovers, Ali heads home to take some diazepam. The police interview Hope over the fire. When she makes out she saw two lads running away Tyrone realises she’s lying. As Evelyn, Fiz and Tyrone discuss the Hope situation it becomes clear their troubles are far from over.

YASMEEN RETURNS TO THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS Geoff tells Tim and Sally that Yasmeen got the wrong end of the stick. Handing her some printouts he says he has SVT, a non life threatening condition. Yasmeen feels awful, while Alya reckons Geoff lifted his printouts from the internet. Listening in Geoff then staggers into the back garden and fakes a funny turn. Rushing round to No.4. Yasmeen apologises and begs Geoff to move back in with her. Geoff accepts, glad to be back in control.

SECRETS AND LIES ARE KEEPING EILEEN ALIVE As Seb approaches the van he’s taken aback to see Mary emerge who’s been watching a Polish movie in her new home. Seb’s worried about Mary’s living conditions and knowing that Eileen’s moving away, he offers Mary a room at No.11.

ELSEWHERE As Steve watches James flirting with Emma over the bar, he admits to Dev that he can’t help feeling protective towards her.


Mitchell gets hot under the collar when Scott turns up at the McQueens dressed as Anita.

Meanwhile, Liberty talks to Cindy about her fears of being a surrogate.


Dean Telford is in debt to local businessman Erik Forbes who runs a protection racket.

Under the guise of his pizza business, Dean is dealing drugs to known customers who want ‘extra toppings’.

Dean’s son Cameron works for him and is suspicious about his dad’s behaviour. He later confronts Dean who tells him what he is doing and why. Dean insists he is paying Erik back later today and he will stop dealing drugs.

Later Dean returns to work sporting injuries which catches the attention of Jimmi who is collecting pizzas for the Mill.

Dean says he hurt himself riding his moped and ignores Jimmi’s advice to go to A&E.

Pobol y Cwm

Jaclyn sy’n pendroni beth i wneud pan daw ar draws gif amheus o Tyler gyda disgybl. Aiff Sioned i weld y Jonesys i ofyn am faddeuant.

Jaclyn finds a compromising gif of Tyler and a student.