Valerie’s neighbour, Davy (Nathan Dean Williams) returns home after time away from working on oil rigs and she asks after his sister Millie (Lizzy Watts) who is waiting for a kidney transplant.

Davy says his wife Karina (Susan Jayne-Robinson) has been looking after her as any day now the operation will be going ahead, Davy tries to reassure his wife that he is ok with having to give up his work after all family comes first and he has another job lined up.

Valerie later learns that it is Davy who is donating a kidney to Millie. But Millie tells Karina she isn’t going through with it and Davy must learn the truth before it is too late.

Davy and Valerie make a shocking discovery and it throws everything into jeopardy.

Doctors air this episode on Friday 13th September 2019 at 1.45 on BBC One