Is the net closing in on Breda?

Harry’s body resurfaces as Breda’s killer secret looks set to be discovered and with Goldie paying a visit to the pig farm will she find Tony?


Edge of your seat viewing as this years big stunt looks set to claim a life or two.

Cindy rides a digger as she unveils her plan for the Cunningham’s Grand Bazaar. She wants to make her family name mean something again. Disaster strikes as an angry Luke gets in to the crane, presses buttons, and demands to get this thing built.

Guest-starring Jake Quickenden as he makes his first on-screen appearance in Hollyoaks as Woody.

It’s a family affair

As Tony remains a prisoner of Breda we welcome new comer Joe McGann as Edward Hutchinson, and it seems someone is smitten with him.

It’s a little bit suspect!

Joel finds a recording made by Harry before he died of Mercedes admitting to the hit and run, and threatening to kill him if he ever told anyone about it. Joel tells her to enjoy her last night with family, because he’s going to the police tomorrow.

Is it the end for James?

James could be in danger as heartbreak causes him to stand on top of the village walls, making Marnie scream his name in fear.

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