Feeling the pressure of University, Bex finds a distraction working on Martin’s stall but when Robbie joins her things don’t go to plan. Seeing Bex out of sorts, Louise hatches a plan.

When Phil and Sharon see withdrawals from the E20’s account, Phil knows Mel is behind it and cuts her off. Realising what’s happened, Mel is distraught at not being able to pay for Hunter’s funeral and confronts Sharon.

Linda takes Ollie to his new school but is put out at the hostility of the other mums and Chantelle doesn’t help by warning Linda about them too. Later, Linda shares her concerns with Mick.

Gray panics when he can’t get hold of Chantelle unaware her phone’s broken but when Keegan offers to fix it, Gray lies to get it back.

Elsewhere, Mitch continues to berate Keegan about leaving school whilst Keegan calms Tiffany’s nerves before she starts her course.

Bobby continues to hallucinate which is the cause of his anxiety. Wanting to help, Kathy takes matters into her own hands. Bobby is furious at Kathy’s betrayal and as tensions reach breaking point, Bobby storms out.

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