River City spoilers: Monday 23rd September 2019

This week in Shieldinch… an emotionally tortured Scarlett faces up to her grief; Lenny’s under pressure to ensure his freedom from the long arm of the law; and Dylan seizes the day to woo Ruby.

In the cold light of day, Scarlett comes face-to-face with her grief and regret. Determined to destroy all memories of Dougie, she throws out all his possessions much to Poppy’s horror.

Stevie urges his mother to accept she’s in denial but her pent up fury is later violently unleashed on a grief-stricken Callum.

Stevie is shocked to hear what happened and, believing Scarlett has gone too far, takes Callum to live with him. A family divided, Scarlett must face up to her demons in order to repair the damage done to the O’Haras.

Elsewhere, after receiving a tip-off, Lenny rushes to destroy evidence Lou planted in Amber Cabs framing him for Lydia’s murder. DCI Grant is frustrated when the police search yields no results but takes Lenny in for questioning anyway.

Convinced he’ll shake off the police pressure, Lenny’s bravado begins to waver when DCI Grant presents him with damming video evidence, making him the prime suspect in Lydia’s murder.

Encouraged by Sonny and AJ, Dylan decides to pursue the girl of his dreams – Ruby. He embarks on a string of grand gestures, each more desperate and disastrous than the last.


Scarlett by Sally Howitt
Lenny by Frank Gallagher
Dylan by Sean Connor
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Poppy by Lindsay Campbell
Stevie by Iain Robertson
Callum by Ty McPhee
DCI Grant by Therese Bradley
Sonny by Jimmy Chisholm
by Sanjeev Kohli

This episode airs Monday 23rd September 2019 10pm on BBC Scotland

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