River City spoilers: Monday 30th September 2019

This week in Shieldinch… in a special Murdoch themed episode featuring classic clips from the past, Lenny is tormented by his guilty conscience and forced to confront his past, and Lou is shocked by a surprise proposal from Amber.

Languishing in prison, Lenny dreams of being with Lydia. Together, the couple remember happier times together when they first moved to Shieldinch, and Lydia questions where it all went wrong for them.

Lydia tells Lenny she never wanted the lavish lifestyle Lenny afforded her – she only wanted him. Her truths stir up painful memories for Lenny as he reminisces through the moments which led him to where he is today: in prison for murdering the love of his life.

Lydia tells Lenny she could deal with him doing unspeakable things to other people but not her, then a bell rings and Lenny wakes from his daydream in prison.

(Picture: BBC)
(Picture: BBC)
(Picture: BBC)
(Picture: BBC)

Reliving painful memories from his past, Lenny makes a bold decision to confess all, even if it means losing those he loves the most.

Elsewhere, still struggling with the fact her father is in prison, Amber hints to Lou she’s not convinced of his innocence. Lou does her best to comfort Amber, but her guilt over setting Lenny up casts a shadow.

Amber summons Lou and thanks her for showing her what an honest relationship looks like. Then, to Lou’s surprise, Amber proposes. Before Lou can respond, there’s a shock in store from Lenny and a starling confession from Lou, devastating Amber and dramatically changing the course of her future.


Lenny is played by Frank Gallagher
Lou is played by Lesley Hart
Amber is played by Jenny Hulse
Lydia is played by Jacqueline Leonard.

This episode airs Monday 30th September 2019 10pm on BBC Scotland

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