This week in Shieldinch… an overprotective Kim curtails Isobel’s freedom when she makes a new friend, Poppy’s surprise decision sees Stevie declare his true feelings for her, and AJ and Ellie are faced with the harsh emotional reality of fostering.

After spending the night with her new lover Michael, Isobel returns home and is faced with a worried Kim.

Isobel doesn’t shy away from admitting she enjoyed a night of passion with Michael, but Kim is horrified and confronts him in the Oyster Café. Kim demands policewoman Lou arrests Michael for taking advantage and, despite Isobel’s pleas, Kim is adamant her mother is unable to consent due to her dementia.

As emotions run high, Kim reluctantly realises that Isobel enjoys Michael’s company and agrees to them going on a date together. However, as Isobel’s dementia symptoms surface again, Kim intervenes in her mother’s affairs of the heart.

Elsewhere, it’s the day of Dougie’s funeral and Poppy feels alone. Scarlett refuses to go, leaving Stevie to step in and offer some much-needed emotional support.

After the funeral, Poppy and Stevie drown their sorrows, leading to a surprising declaration of love and a hangover to remember.

AJ and Ellie are blindsided by the news that foster daughter Bex must return to live with her mother. AJ tries to comfort a heartbroken Bex but after discovering the life she’s returning to, he vows to fight to keep her under his roof. It proves easier said than done, making AJ question whether he’s cut out for fostering after all.

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Kim is played by Frances Thorburn
Isobel is played by Alison Peebles
Poppy is played by Lindsey Campbell
Stevie is played by Iain Robertson
AJ is played by Sanjeev Kohli
Ellie is played by Leah MacRae
Michael is played by Gerry Mulgrew
Lou is played by Lesley Hart
Scarlett is played by Sally Howitt
Bex is played by Cora Tsang

This episode airs Monday 7th October 2019 10pm on BBC Scotland