The cat hasn’t got the cream as Valerie is worried she hasn’t seen Geoffrey for what seems a long time. Ayesha is sure that he’s just scavenging for food like the pro that he is but Valerie won’t let it rest and realise that all is not well…

Rob sustains an injury at work but why is his colleague acting so strange around the hospital?

Ruhma comes across an expectant mother who is doing everything not to give birth despite being in labour.

Zara joins a dating agency and decides to embrace it warts and all. Elsewhere Sid’s discovery leaves Imogen terrified for her future

Valerie finds herself trapped in a game of cat and mouse with a besotted farmer who recently lost his wife.

Daniel is left with food for thought after a friend questions whether he really is over Zara. Elsewhere Becky is preparing to move in with him…

Jimmi faces a tough dilemma when a counselling session leaves him wondering if his patient’s horrific confession is fantasy or reality

Becky is with a patient making a complaint about Emma… but the patient in question is actually with Emma at the same time. How is this possible?

Daniel notices that Becky is nesting and feels slightly smothered and Valerie has a difficult decision to make.

Emma spearheads a blood drive at The Campus and finds herself in the middle of a story of unrequited love.

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