An ex-soldier struggling to cope with motherhood puts Emma in a difficult position rather than tell her partner how she really feels…

Ruhma and Karen are putting Heston’s bench back together again. Rob arrives to update Ruhma on the thieves but it isn’t exactly the result she was hoping for…

Daniel has his first counselling session with Silas Truman as recommended by Jimmi. After an anxious start, Daniel starts to open up about his feelings. He describes his relationship with Zara as competitive and talks about how he felt when Zara hit Izzie.

Ruhma is having the day from hell at St Phils when she has to constantly mediate between two sisters and their petty bickering.

Rob and Karen greet their new foster child Martha. She’s shy and it is heart breaking for them to realise that her life has been incredibly restricted due to her mother’s paranoia about her nut allergy.

Rob is out in the patrol car when he sees a panicked elderly lady called Mary. She explains she is looking for her husband Ted.

Daniel is recording a video diary as suggested by his counsellor Silas. Laying his feelings bare in this way isn’t easy.

Ayesha is furious when she discovers her cousin Kayleigh is literally trying to step into her shoes but what is she up to this time?

Doctors air these scenes from Monday 11th November on BBC One