Daniel and Zara conduct interviews for the new Practice Manager, while Karen finds herself deeper in Martha’s family life.

Karen is glad Martha is looking better, and has brought her sweets. A woman lurks outside it’s Natalie, Martha’s mother. Karen is wary, and Natalie panics upon seeing the sweets. Nuts in everything. Abigail arrives in the middle of the argument, and tells Natalie she should have waited outside.

The argument about the peanut starts again, until Martha says that she ate the peanut deliberately. She wanted to find out if it was true that she had an allergy. She can’t live with the angst of Natalie worrying about everything all the time. Natalie admits she gets terrified, and apologises to Karen. It just all gets on top of her.

 Natalie asks if Martha can come home today. Not just yet, she is told. Karen tells Abigail they’ll keep a close eye on her. Abigail has to tell Karen that they are taking her from them too, she needs to be with people experienced in dealing with allergies. Martha gets Natalie to promise to try to be more normal. She thanks Karen for looking after her, and sends a hug to Rob.

Daniel and Zara organise the room for the interviews. They interview Lucy – who has all her answers on cards and keeps referring to them. Bear, who seems to be winging it, and wants to be called a Business Manager. Rafe, who is the ideal candidate and answers all questions impeccably. It’s not a tough decision – they agree on Rafe!

Al gets involved in an odd family set-up, all in the name of beer.

Al is worried by a sample. He arrives at a house, where Debbie tells him that he won’t be seen. Al leaves a card, and on seeing he is a GP, she lets him in. But she warns him that her father doesn’t see anyone from the ale community any more. They strike a deal, and Al goes to Bob’s shed. Al produces a sample of beer, but Bob, the ‘Beer Master’ refuses to look at it and gets Al to leave. Debbie insists he go back, he agreed to assess Bob as a GP. Al goes back, Bob admits he can’t smell. When Bob realises Al can’t cure it, he loses interest. He’s happy as he is, living in his shed, beer behind him. It’s not like he shared it with Debbie anyway. Al asks about the Beer Master blog, but Bob says he stopped that a long time ago – so why is it still running?

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