Bear isn’t making good early impressions with sloppy minute keeping’s but he deflects by calling Becky’s style into question. He later changes pushes his luck by changing his title to Business Manager.

Al’s attempts to help out a teenager who has been beaten up lead to tragedy.

Thursday 28th November’s episode stars the brilliant Kate Williams as Peggy Sampson who injures herself after losing her temper with a dog.

Ayesha is keen to look into a cervical screening test project as part of her mentoring sessions with Emma. She’s pleasantly surprised by Bear’s positive attitude towards the idea. Over lunch Ayesha introduces Emma to her project but catches Emma’s hesitation. Emma admits she hasn’t had her own test done.

Sid crosses paths with an overworked ambulance driver going to extreme lengths to keep up with his workload and at the scene of an accident 2 bags of white powder are found but only 1 makes it to the evidence room.

Suspicions about Bear are piqued when Al spots he has misspelled Ruhma’s name.

Ayesha’s project helps a mum to confront her anxiety and be there for her daughter. Jenny Greene (Katie Maguire) can’t understand why her mum has turned into an ogre lately, taking her anger out on Jenny’s boyfriend and anyone who gets in her way.

Doctors air these scenes from Monday 25th November on BBC One.