With Jimmi on a FME shift, Al takes on the burden of mixology night alone but his cocktail-making attempts are disastrous. He’s relieved when Emma takes over but her cocktail skills also send the punters out the door.

As the mixology night descends into chaos, Jimmi has another tough shift at the police station. Although he expects the usual pre-Christmas raucousness, he’s thrown when he himself comes under suspicion as Major Crime Squad ask to search his car.

Jimmi has nothing to hide and complies but he’s rocked to his core when a large cache of heroin is found in the boot. Jimmi can barely mutter a protest as he’s arrested for intent to supply…

As Jimmi fights to defend his innocence but a bad decision lands him back in hot water as his shock turns to anger as his protests of innocence are dismissed under interrogation.

Meanwhile, the gang at The Mill struggle to wrap their heads around Jimmi’s arrest. Valerie is stunned as she opens the building to enable the police to carry out a late-night search.

Jimmi is given a hearing in Crown court but struggles to follow his solicitor’s advice to just keep his cool.

Rob, beginning private investigations into Jimmi’s arrest, hunts down the only lead he’s got but it leads to nothing. Rob has to admit to Karen that, for once, he’s stumped and doesn’t even know where to start…

Doctors airs these scenes from Wednesday 18th December on BBC One.