River City spoilers: Monday 21st October 2019

This week in Shieldinch… Stevie’s family loyalties are tested to the limit as he’s caught between Kelly-Marie and Scarlett; Lenny’s plan to lie low in prison are under threat; and Alex ups his romantic game to prove he’s committed to a life with Nicole.

Kelly-Marie is stunned when Gabriel’s will reveals that he’s named Scarlett as the legal guardian of Callum and Michaela. Stevie’s shocked to discover Kelly-Marie’s secret plans to return to Australia and take her children, regardless of Gabriel’s wishes or Scarlett’s consent. He tries to convince her to stay in Shieldinch but she makes it clear to her brother she’s leaving to give her children a better life.

Forced into a corner, Stevie reluctantly reveals the extent of Callum’s emotional issues – which only make Kelly-Marie more determined to leave forever. With time fast running out, Stevie finds himself caught in the crossfire between his sister and mother – but it’s Callum who has the final say.

Elsewhere, in prison, Lenny tries his best to keep a low profile, keen to avoid conflict. However, that proves tricky when he is challenged by a familiar face – rival gangster Gordon Harris.

Nicole is frustrated when Alex continues to spurn her advances. Romantic intervention comes from Caitlin, Ruby and Dylan, who urge Alex to up his romantic game or lose Nicole. Although Alex is only interested in Nicole because she’s carrying his baby, he reluctantly goes along with the love advice. In front of everyone, Alex stuns Nicole with a romantic gesture to remember. If only he knew the truth about Nicole’s pregnancy…


Stevie is played by Iain Robertson
Kelly-Marie is played by Carmen Pieraccini
Scarlett is played by Sally Howitt
Lenny is played by Frank Gallagher
Alex is played by Jordan Young
Nicole is played by Holly Jack
Callum is played by Ty McPhee
Michaela is played by Rosie Robertson
Gordon Harris is played by Gavin Wright
Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens
Ruby is played by Zindzi Hudson
Dylan is played by Sean Connor

This episode airs on BBC Scotland – Monday 21st October 2019 at 10PM

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