Series visiting different areas of Wales and featuring quirky and lesser-known local stories.

Cyfle i fynd ar drywydd rhai o straeon difyr a chudd gwahanol rannau o Gymru.

A visit to Amlwch – Wales’s northernmost town kicks off the third series of Cynefin on S4C on Sunday, 3 November.

Once again, this popular series will visit towns and communities all over Wales, giving us a closer look at the different areas and a better understanding of what makes them so unique.

The presenter Heledd Cynwal will be enjoying the company of local characters who will be leading her through the hidden places of the area while the archaeologist Iestyn Jones will be digging through the history which has helped define the identity of the area they are visiting.

During the first programme, Heledd will be helping a group of volunteers to renovate the ‘Amlwch Line’ – an historic railway which used to link Amlwch to Gaerwen. There are big plans under way to re-open the track and Heledd rolls up her sleeves to help the volunteers!

This new series of Cynefin begins Sunday 3rd November at 8pm S4C