SINEAD IS LAID TO REST Daniel returns in time for the funeral and in a moving service everyone says goodbye to Sinead before gathering at the Rovers for the wake. Daniel tells Peter he is going to head home and watch Sinead’s videos that she made for him and Bertie on his laptop. Meanwhile, at Daniel’s flat, a burglar is rifling through Daniel’s things and bundles the laptop into a holdall.

MICHELLE’S INTENTIONS BECOME CLEAR Carla is baffled to see Michelle working alongside Robert and even more so when Michelle swears her to secrecy about the affair.

BILLY CONFESSES HIS TRUE FEELINGS Billy hands Bernie the keys to the church hall and her cleaning instructions. Paul watches as Bernie and Kel load the car up with cleaning equipment. When Bernie reveals that Billy’s given her a job, Paul’s perplexed. When Paul quizzes Billy as to why he gave Bernie a job, Billy admits he just wanted to help because he loves him. Paul’s taken aback.


A BREAK IN FINALLY BREAKS DANIEL As the wake continues in the Rovers Daniel lets himself into the flat and is shocked to find it trashed. He calls Peter who asks Carla to take him to Ken’s whilst he calls the police. Peter tells Carla that the thief took the laptop with Sinead’s videos on.

ROBERT TRIES TO SORT OUT HIS MESS Vicky flies at Robert for leading a double life and letting her think he’d split up from Michelle. Tyler sees red and throws a punch at Robert. Vicky’s devastated and angrily orders him to leave.

PAUL FINDS A WAY TO LOVE AGAIN Paul confides in David that he was responsible for getting Josh to change his statement after Billy told him about the rape. When David describes what he went through and how he eventually dealt with his ordeal, it strikes a powerful chord with Paul. Billy returns home to find Paul has laid the table for a romantic meal. Paul assures Billy he wants him in his life and intends to make him proud.

ELSEWHERE At the wake, Sally dupes Tim into thinking she’s terribly religious and urges him to pray with her.


DANIEL FINALLY SNAPS Daniel is devastated to discover the laptop has gone and decides to take matters into his own hands. Craig is on a day off and offers to go with him to pawn shops in the area. But when Daniel spots a laptop that looks like his in a glass cabinet he accuses the shopkeeper of handling stolen goods and seizing a golf club he smashes the cabinet.

PAUL THINKS HE HAS CAUGHT A THIEF Billy confides in Paul that on the day Bernie started working for him someone stole his diary that has all the details of funeral etc and a spate of burglaries followed. Suspicious Paul and Gemma are horrified to find a bag of stolen goods under the stairs at number 5.

JAMES FEARS HIS SECRET WILL COME OUT When Michael reveals that James didn’t come home last night, Ed assumes he spent the night with Bethany. Aggie and Michael exchange an awkward look. A hungover James confides in Michael that he spent the night with a guy called Dan and he’s lost his phone. James enlists Michael’s help insisting they set off in search of the missing phone.

ELSEWHERE David and Shona tell Max and Lily their plans to adopt them formally. When Max’s only concern is that he’ll still be able to see Marion, David’s put out.


DANIEL CAN’T SMASH UP HIS GRIEF The police arrive at the pawnshop and arrest Daniel – can Craig and Peter persuade the shop owner to drop the charges by explaining the circumstances? When Daniel discovers the laptop wasn’t his he breaks down in tears telling Adam that Bertie deserves better.

GEMMA MAKES AN ACCUSATION Gemma confronts her mum about the robberies and throws her out saying she has gone too far this time and she is going to the police.

MICHAEL GETS A BLAST FROM THE PAST As Michael and James wait in Freshco’s car park to get James’ phone back Michael is shocked to see his ex Grace with her daughter, she blanks him and drives off.

ELSEWHERE Peter tells Adam that Ken’s in hospital having been diagnosed with pneumonia. Robert suggests they should take the bistro to the next level and create a franchise. Michelle agrees it’s a good idea.


BERNIE FINALLY COMPUTES THE TRUTH Gemma and Paul realise they may have been wrong about Bernie and find her in the pub. Having apologised for wrongly accusing her, they realise that the only other person who had access to Billy’s diary was Kel. Gemma and Bernie break into Kel’s flat and find not only Daniel’s laptop, but a stack of old photos of Paul and some other kids. Gemma’s horrified to realise their significance.

MICHAEL GETS SOME ANSWERS A despondent Michael is telling his parents about seeing Grace with his daughter when there is a knock at the door and Grace is there, she tells him Grace needs a responsible dad, someone, she can look up to. Michael begs her to let him be a part of his daughter’s life, but she leaves without promising anything.

BETH COMES THROUGH FOR DANIEL Daniel insists it’s time to make a start on clearing up his flat. Peter’s concerned for him. Daniel lets himself into his flat but upon finding Sinead’s broken mug on the floor, he breaks down in tears. Beth calls at Daniel’s flat to find him sobbing.

When Hope refuses to do as she’s told and deliberately splashes paint on Fiz’s blouse, Jade takes over and dispatching Fiz, quietly bribes Hope into helping her clear up the mess. Paul plucks up the courage and tells Rita that he’s moving in with Billy. Rita’s thrilled for the pair of them.

PAUL IS FORCED TO FACE THE PAST As Gemma and Bernie return with the laptops and photos Paul is horrified to see his terrible past laid bare before him. An emotional Paul recounts his childhood experiences with Kel, how Kel took him on trips out, how he admired Kel but ultimately Kel sexually abused him. Bernie and Gemma are shocked to the core whilst Billy’s heart breaks for him. Gemma urges Paul to report Kel to the police, but Paul refuses, adamant that to rake over the past would be far too painful. Gemma feels for her brother.

AGGIE CAN’T DO RIGHT FOR DOING WRONG When Grace finds out that Aggie has consulted Adam about Michael’s parental rights she storms out saying she doesn’t need the hassle. Michael is furious with his mother.

PETER AND CARLA STEP IN FOR DANIEL Peter and Carla insist they’ll look after Bertie for the day giving Daniel a bit of ‘me time’. Daniel returns to No.1 clearly the worse for wear and highly strung. Peter and Carla are concerned for him.