Rhona is left concerned when Graham tries talking to Marlon about seeing Leo, does he have an ulterior motive?

Chas is still having trouble breastfeeding baby Eve and isn’t happy with Paddy when he reveals he has invited a group of new mums over to the Woolpack to help.

Sarah is getting rebellious as she pops a pill at a party with Danny and Jayden which leaves Noah horrified.

Following the events of the party, Charity is desperate to make amends with Vanessa and makes a promise to change. Will Vanessa agree to give things another go?

Lydia is shocked by the appearance of her ‘dead’ mother Agatha and things don’t get much better when it is revealed Lydia might have the same condition that killed her father.

Liam is arrested under suspicion of assault when he thumps Jacob for sleeping with Leanna. Is this putting his future with Bernice in danger?

Maya is being released from prison and David fears she might try and contact Jacob.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 18th November 2019 on ITV.