PAUL STILL CAN’T FORGIVE HIS MUM Gemma reveals to Chesney that Kel is a paedophile, and he’s horrified to think that he’s spent time with Joseph, and is glad when the police turn up and arrest him on suspicion of burglary. Paul’s angry when Bernie reveals she’s reported Kel for sexual abuse, feeling unable to open up. During his interview, the police show Kel the photos found at his flat. He warns Bernie that she’ll regret crossing him.

FIZ WORRIES THAT HOPE’S BIN STARTING FIRES Hope causes trouble when Fiz refuses to throw her a fireworks party. Tyrone is concerned that Hope is up to her old tricks and suggests they throw the party to please her. With the party underway, Fiz, Tyrone and Kevin suddenly realise the back yard is on fire, with Hope watching the flames with amusement.

MICHAEL WON’T BE DEFEATED Michael calls Grace and begs her to give him another chance.

ELSEWHERE Nick admits to Sarah that the new factory will focus on packing and distributing rather than sewing. Richard is insistent that he visits Weatherfield to see where Roy lives, much to Nina’s dismay.


BERNIE AND PAUL STAND TOGETHER AGAINST KEL Paul confirms that Kel’s been arrested and that he’ll soon have to give a statement. Bernie tries to make her escape but Kel steals the house key and holds her hostage in No. 5. Gemma and Paul rescue Bernie and she promises to be a better mum to them both. Chesney returns the stolen laptop to Daniel and he’s thrilled. Paul asserts that he wants to see Kel behind bars, and that he’s ready to make a statement.

TYRONE AND FIZ PLAY INTO JADE’S HANDS Tyrone and Fiz are horrified to realise the fire must’ve been started by Hope. Jack reveals that when he and Hope entered the backyard, the fire had already started. Fiz breaks down, admitting to Tyrone that she was probably behind the factory fire too.

MICHAEL IS GRACED BY HIS EX’S PRESENCE Michael meets with Grace in the bistro and offers to make a regular payment towards Tianna’s upbringing. Grace promises to consider it.

ELSEWHERE Richard and Nina visit Roy at the cafe, and he promises to help them both as much as he can. The brothers are overjoyed to discover they share a love of steam trains. When Nick reveals his plans for the factory, the girls are up in arms and to Nick’s irritation, Sarah takes their side.


TYRONE AND FIZ MAKEUP BUT SO DOES JADE Fiz tearfully explains to Tyrone that she thought he would leave her if he knew the truth about Hope. Whilst the couple make amends, Jade offers to babysit.

ROY LOSES THE BROTHER HE TRIED SO HARD TO FIND Roy calls to see Richard and is shocked to see him looking so frail. Nina blames Roy for her dad’s setback. Back at the cafe, Roy confides in

Carla that he’s agreed to look after Nina following Richard’s death. Returning to Richard’s flat to help him, he offers to move his air condenser with Nina but she refuses any help, and in doing so injures herself. Roy feels worse than ever.

PAUL MAKES STEPS TOWARDS ACCEPTING HIS PAST Billy tells Paul he’s made an appointment for him to speak with a counsellor at a sexual abuse charity. Although nervous, he manages to open up to Andy, the counsellor, about the abuse he suffered.

ELSEWHERE When the factory girls threaten to strike, Nick points out that as shareholders, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot. Carla discusses the ideas she has for Sinead’s beard oil business with Adam, when Sarah is struck with an idea. Nick summons Kirk to a meeting and suggests that if he votes in favour of the plans, he’ll be rewarded.


FIZ MAKES HOPE’S APPLE CRUMBLE Fiz and Tyrone decide that they need to be tougher with Hope. Jade expresses her concerns regarding Fiz’s parenting skills to Evelyn. In a fit of temper after discovering a cigarette lighter in Hope’s doll, Fiz smashes her iPad.

ROY HAS MET HIS MATCH Roy looks after Richard and realises the strain it must be putting on Nina.

Nina is infuriated when Roy calls adult social services and requests a re-assessment of Richard’s situation, tearing a strip off him for interfering.

PAUL NO LONGER SEES HIMSELF AS A VICTIM Andy assures Paul that the hardest part is over and that his next step would be to make a statement with the police about Kel. Paul feels that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

ELSEWHERE Determined to take him for every penny, Michelle tells Robert she wants to go ahead with the wedding. Nick tries to convince the factory girls there’s more money in packing, but Sarah reveals she’s got a better plan to make bespoke products and sell them direct to the public. The girls and Nick are impressed.


Fiz and Tyrone are delighted that Hope is to return to school.

MICHELLE GETS A SURPRISE CONFESSION FROM ROBERT Ray tells Michelle that he’s dropping the case against her – but to watch her back. Adam advises Michelle to ditch her plan to take the bistro from Robert. Michelle’s furious when Robert lets slip that Vicky knows about her ordeal with Ruairi.

ROY CARES TOO MUCH Roy tears a strip off Richard’s carer for her poor time-keeping. Whilst confiding to Brian that he fears he may have made matters worse, Nina bursts in to tell him that Richard’s carer has quit her job because of him.

Fiz breaks the news to Jade that with Hope returning to Bessie Street, her services will no longer be required.

ROY STEPS INTO THE BREACH Desperate to spend more time with Richard and relieve Nina of her stress, Roy agrees to give Aggie more shifts in the cafe. Nina’s unimpressed when Roy announces to Richard that he’s going to take over her duties.

MICHELLE’S REVENGE GATHERS PACE Robert suggests to Michelle that they gather their family together to tell them about the upcoming wedding. Painting on a smile, Michelle agrees, but tells Carla that the necklace he bought her isn’t enough to win her affections back.

ELSEWHERE Steve is disappointed when Emma reveals that Fiona has bought tickets for her to spend Christmas in Australia. When Amy shows Emma the stockings that their dad has made for each of them, Emma decides to stay in Weatherfield. Steve’s delighted.

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