Hollyoaks drop new trailer teasing the festive season

Things are certainly hotting up in Hollyoaks this winter with the return of John Paul Mcqueen (James Sutton), Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) and the dramatic exit of Breda Mcqueen (Moya Brady) in Hollyoaks Later.

10 big winter spoilers ahead:

Scott looks set to get a Merry Christmas when Mitchell tells him that he’s coming out of the closet.

Liberty proposes sleeping with Brody to get herself pregnant after the last of Sienna’s eggs doesn’t survive.

Warren is back and he is bringing the twins with him. Will Sienna get a Christmas reunion with her kids?

The bitch is back as Mercedes wakes from her coma and as she claims to know who shot her there is no knowing how this will end.

Darren and Nancy’s affair is exposed and all of all the places it has to be on New Year’s Eve and sadly Kyle has heard everything.

John Paul is back in the village and as he comes face to face with his rapist Finn can he move on from the past?

Tony’s time as a prisoner is nearing the end and as flames ignite the pig farm will this be the end of Killer Mcqueen?

Sid and Juliet grow closer but as he brings drugs to a party it leaves a vulnerable Juliet scared.

Luke is diagnosed with an illness which he tells Darren not to say anything about while Cindy celebrates.

Also teased is a flash forward episode as we briefly skip to 31st December 2020 in the Lomax’s as Juliet, now with a different hair style, has blood on her face as she confesses to someone that she loves them.

Hollyoaks continues weeknights at 6.30 on Channel 4 and at 7 on E4.

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