• Marnie’s patisserie gets negative press coverage from the grand opening .
  • Juliet apologises to Sid for ditching him and invites him back to her house where he offers her drugs.
  • Diane and Finn are floored when John Paul turns up at their door.
  • Bobby finds out that Sylver has been charged for shooting his mum.
  • James and Liam share a drink in The Loft, but James has an ulterior motive.
  • Mercedes is spooked when a barrel is pushed over in The Dog carpark.
  • Nancy invites Diane out for a drink at The Dog’s quiz night to mend their friendship but a jealous Edward tries to tag along.
  • Breda encourages Mercedes to use the pub quiz to show the village that she won’t be beaten.
  • Jesse and Courtney want to know what Toby’s plans are to re-brand the salon.
  • Breda questions whether Mercedes has false memories about the night she was shot, but Mercedes swears that she saw Sylver pull the trigger.

Welcome back John Paul

The big news this week is the return of John Paul played by the fantastic James Sutton after a 2 year break from the role.

In a quest to get rid of Finn this week Edward steps up his game by getting John Paul to come back to Hollyoaks. James is surprised to see his ex and as the 2 drink he questions whether he’s even a little bit tempted to speak to Finn. Later as he turns up at Diane’s door, will he be able to get rid of Finn from the village?

While his time in Hollyoaks might be a short one he promises Sally that once he has tied up everything in Singapore he will be home.

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 9th December on Channel 4.