James Nightingale isn’t having the greatest time lately,the murder of your boyfriend will do that, but things could be about to change.

Both he and Liam Donovan remain potential suspects in Mercedes shooting.

Scenes coming up for the pair reveal they will both share a drink together but it is James who is devious this time with an ulterior motive as he asks Liam for drugs.

But Liam is no fool and suspects he is being set up as James plays the sympathy card explaining how he just wants to forget the pain of losing Harry.

Liam sympathizes and relates his own experiences of losing Eva before telling James that he can arrange the drugs.

Later in the week Liam who is dressed as Krampus for a club night promotion bumps into James…

Will the duo’s past experiences lead them to be more than just acquaintances?

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 9th December on Channel 4.