10 Emmerdale spoilers: DNA drama, Moira in a mess and more pill problems for Sarah?

It’s not just Walford having baby drama next week as over in the Dales both Victoria and Andrea have worries of their own.

Arthur continues to bully Archie when he learns that Jai is spending Christmas with the family.

Pete quits leaving Moira shocked when he takes up a job and partnership with Nate on Wylie’s Farm.

Despite being all packed and ready to leave Graham is having second thoughts and wants to stay and find out if Millie is his daughter. Will Rhona support his choice?

Noah is suspicious of Sarah when he sees her lie to Charity about going to a friends house. When Danny once again offers Sarah drugs, witnessed by Noah, will he finally tell Charity what is going on?

Things go from bad to worse for Moira when she drunkenly messes up a business meeting being inappropriate. She confides in Vanessa how Cain won’t let her see the kids and she is determined to prove she is a fit mother.

Victoria worries that her baby is coming early when she starts having contractions and of all the people Wendy is the one on hand to help.

Someone however isn’t too happy to have Wendy around when late at night they smash the windows in Dale View. Will it work to oust her?

When Andrea reveals to Kim she is bleeding it snaps the otherwise soap superbitch into protective mode and rushes her to the hospital. As Jamie fusses over Andrea, Kim is left with a dilemma on whether or not to open the DNA results about Millie.

Harriet reveals the truth when it comes to the Christmas light funding.

With many villagers against her Wendy is grateful for Bob’s support is this the start of #Bendy?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 2nd December on ITV.

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