Holby City Series 21 episode 52 ‘Be True, Be Brave, Be Kind’

When Bea requires emergency surgery, a suspended Kian takes matters into his own hands, but what will it cost him?

Essie’s feathers are ruffled by flash new consultant, Ben Sherwood. Sacha encourages her to give him a second chance, but he may soon regret it.

Dominic receives the unwanted Christmas gift of divorce papers and decides to throw himself into work, but how long before he cracks?


Ramin Karimloo As Kian Madani
Belinda Owusu As Nicky Mckendrick
David Ames As Dominic Copeland
Jaye Jacobs As Donna Jackson
Kaye Wragg As Essie Di Lucca
Catherine Russell As Serena Campbell
Bob Barrett As Sacha Levy
Dawn Steele As Ange Godard
Jo Martin As Max Mcgerry
Amy Lennox As Chloe Godard
Alex Walkinshaw As Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
Julia Deakin As Carole Copeland
Charlie Condou As Ben Sherwood
Rosalind Halstead As Beatrice “Bea” Kaminski
Robert Mountford As Rajan Sinha
Jamie Chapman As Alan Green


This Episode Is Written By Ed Sellek
This Episode Is Produced By Sandra MacIver
This Episode Is Directed By Steve Brett

This episode airs Thursday 19th December 8pm on BBC One.

By Eastieoaks

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3 thoughts on “Holby City spoilers: Be True, Be Brave, Be Kind”
  1. I want Henrik back, ASAP. Back his old, quick witted, sharp, CARING for his staff, with his brilliant one liners. Henrik is Holby, Holby is nothing without him. Let Max do her brain surgery – a surgeon of her supposed talents wouldn’t have time to double as CEO. Let’s have the Henrik of a few years back, on the ball and caring for Holby and his staff. Script writers have spoilt his enigmatic character. HENRIK FOR CEO!

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