River City spoilers: Monday 9th December 2019

This week in Shieldinch… a shock discovery makes Angus face up to his hidden feelings, an anxious Scarlett regains control by organising self-defence classes for the locals, and Maggie worries Alex is on the path to self-destruction with his drinking.

Angus is stunned when he catches Bob and Nicole mid-tryst at the garage. Angus rages at his friend and Bob pleads with him not to tell Kim. Later, Angus gives his best friend an ultimatum: end things with Nicole by the end of the day or he’ll tell Kim everything.

Torn by his discovery, Angus takes it upon himself to try to reason with Nicole, begging her to end it with Bob – but she’s having none of it.
Angus reluctantly decides to tell Kim, but backs out at the last minute. Angus confronts Bob and they end up brawling in the street, much to the shock of Kim. However, there’s further shock in store for Kim when Angus reveals his true feelings for her.

Elsewhere, fed up with the women of Shieldinch fearing for their safety, Scarlett organises a self-defence class to empower them all. Lou takes charge and, despite a rocky start, the women unite sharing stories and offering support to one another.

Callum confides in Maggie that he’s worried that his Uncle Alex’s drinking and fears he might die, just like Gabriel did. Seeing all the signals of an addict going off the rails, Maggie reaches out to Alex, who rejects her concerns.


Angus is played by Scott Fletcher
Scarlett is played by Sally Howitt
Maggie is played by Kathryn Howden
Alex is played by Jordan Young
Bob is played by Stephen Purdon
Nicole is played by Holly Jack
Kim is played by Frances Thorburn
Lou is played by Lesley Hart
Callum is played by Ty McPhee

This episode airs on BBC Scotland – Monday 9th December 2019 at 10pm

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