Jude Monk McGowan and Gregory Finnegan reveal all on the latest passion in the Hollyoaks village

If your jaw is still on the floor from that kiss in the latest E4 episode of Hollyoaks then rejoice as actors Gregory Finnegan and Jude Monk McGowan aka James Nightingale and Liam Donavan seem to be loving the pairing.

Speaking about weather or not James and Liam make a good pair Jude says “I think they’d certainly make a powerful duo of nefariousness and darkness”.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

And Gregory appears to be loving his new on-screen partnership who when asked if he enjoys working with Jude answered:

Yeah it’s been great fun. He’s turned Liam into a wonderfully layered character and I’ve enjoyed our scenes very much.

Next week James is shocked by Liam who doesn’t regret their steamy night of passion. And when Liam decides to have some fun with James and kisses him again.. could this turn into a relationship?

Could this be anything more than a bit of fun?

Gregory: Maybe… I have every reason to think that it could turn into a full blown relationship but it’ll definitely be fun.

Jude: I think there’s a hope that it can be fun, and good for business, so a relationship of convenience, that could mean a stable business and more fun…

(Picture: Lime Pictures) The start of something great?

Hollyoaks continues on E4 at 7pm.

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