Christmas Day 7:00pm on ITV

As The Tates gather to carve the turkey at Home Farm, there is pandemonium when Graham walks in and delivers a devastating revelation, shattering relationships.

There’s a massive shock for David when he gets a surprise delivery on his doorstep on Christmas morning


Christmas Day 9:30pm on BBC One

Secrets and lies are set to explode in Walford this Christmas, leaving more than one family left torn apart forever…

Sharon and Keanu have been harbouring their secret for months but they should know that secrets never stay secret in Albert Square. As their lies begin to unravel it’s only a matter of time until Phil finds out the truth and when he does, there will only be one thing on his mind… revenge.

Over at The Vic, Christmas will be anything but happy for the Carters. Mick is determined to have the best Christmas yet but Linda’s drinking spirals out of control leaving her in a desperate situation.

Across the Square a guardian angel is watching over one family, as their fortunes change for the better, whilst another is convinced all is not as it seems and will stop at nothing to prove they are right…

Coronation Street

Christmas Day 8:00pm on ITV

Gary’s aghast to find the furniture shop door open, and the gun and its ammunition missing. Gary accuses Ali of stealing from him. As they row outside the pub, Derek watches from his car, training the gun on oblivious Gary. Following him into the pub a worse-for-wear Derek lurches in looking for Gary, pulling out a gun and firing his first shot. As he points the gun at Gary, he runs from the pub and Derek gives chase into the Winter Wonderland where Gary orders everyone to hide. Michael’s horrified as the Platts run for cover and Maria arrives looking for her man. Who will make it out alive?

Shona collects the keys to the Winter Wonderland from Michael as the Platts hide presents for David’s treasure hunt. But when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a shoot out David is desperate to protect Shona, while Sarah holds Bethany and Harry close. Assuring her they will escape unscathed, Adam asks Sarah to marry him.

Seb comes to a decision about his future with Emma. Michelle puts her affairs in order as she makes plans to leave the street.


23rd December 6:00pm on Channel 4

It’s Christmas Day in this hour-long show. Tensions are high at Darren and Mandy’s, prompting a life-changing revelation.

Walter’s festive sermon about family warms the hearts of some, but leaves others feeling resentful.

Sienna’s Christmas wishes come true, while Maxine is hoping for a bit of forgiveness when she spends time with Damon.

Nana McQueen brings some festive feeling back to her family.


Christmas Day 12:50pm on Channel 5

Robert has escaped and is on the run.

Toadie and Chloe consider cancelling the Christ-mas concert.

Roxy has a decision to make.

Elly’s waters break at the worst moment.

Fair City

Christmas Day 8:30pm on RTE One

Tensions run high as the Molloys and Bishops are forced to spend Christmas together.

Anto’s Christmas kindness ends in disaster for the Collins family.

Bosco brings the Christmas spirit to Eoghan and his family.

Erica is faced with an impossible choice.

Christmas Day ends in heartbreak for Ger.

Pobol y Cwm

Christmas Day 8:00pm on S4C

Britt tries to give her family a Christmas to remember by getting everyone together for lunch in the Deri, leaving Garry to endure Tyler playing happy families.

Ceisia Britt roi Nadolig i’w gofio i’w theulu gan ddod â phawb ynghyd am ginio yn y Deri, sy’n gorfodi Garry i gnoi ei dafod yng nghwmni Tyler.

Rownd a Rownd

Christmas Eve 6:30pm on S4C

Dylan receives confirmation that he is Llew’s father, and although that makes things clearer on one hand, the complexity between him and Sophie continues.

Caiff Dylan gadarnhad mai fo yw tad Llew, ac er bod hynny’n gwneud y darlun yn gliriach ar un llaw, mae’r cymhlethdod rhyngddo fo a Sophie yn parhau.